Salad Epic Fail !!!!

This past weekend I went to Dallas to visit my family for a surprise birthday party for a relative who recently moved to Texas. The event in itself was great, seeing many relatives that I haven’t seen in years and engaging in fun conversation. What was not fun was the horrible restaurant that the party was held at.

Now, because I spoke to the manager directly about my experience, I feel that it would be wrong to ‘call-them-out’ as they say. But I was so appalled by the quality of my salad that I felt compelled to take pictures of it. Mind you, this was the 2nd time I had to send my salad back.


Can you believe this pathetic excuse for a salad?

I was amazed that my waiter was comfortable on bringing this to the table. Did he even glance down once to see it? What I soon realized was, that my salad wasn’t different from the quality of the other salads that were being served. The difference was they couldn’t mask mine down with shredded cheese or drown it in ranch dressing.



One thought on “Salad Epic Fail !!!!

  1. it was kinda funny how others were chowing down on those salads. as I was sitting directly across from you, I refused to even try mine. LOL

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