New *favorite* treat: Seaweed sheets

I have a love/hate relationship with nori (seaweed). There are times where I have just an insatiable need for some veggie sushi. Whether I painstakingly organize and prepare it at home, or rush to the nearest WholeFoods, the experience is usually the same. After about my 4th piece, I’m completely done. Over! 

I was never really a huge fan of fish. So, when I became vegan there was NO ‘love’ lost in the fish department for me. The ‘fishy’ ‘sea-like’ flavor that nori and other sea vegetables have are sometimes very overwhelming to my tastebuds. Resulting in an experience that quickly goes to an unpalatable zone, and I can’t stand it. I say all of that  so you could have some insight to my bewilderment of my current craze: roasted nori sheets. 


These little sheets are just what the holistic doctor ordered! And I don’t have any guilt . . . if I just happen to consume the whole package in one setting 😮

But seriously, if you haven’t tried these out yet, quickly do so. They are a delightful afternoon snack. 


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