#RawFoodCraze~~>below is my husband’s r

#RawFoodCraze~~>below is my husband’s response to the article #TheRawFoodDiet – R.I.P. 1998-2013
This is what happens when you live a lifestyle based on the wrong reasons. You have to (1) honestly see the reasoning about something, and then (2) adjust your lifestyle accordingly. This doesn’t mean we should be on the fence and not commit to things, but commit to something to the level that YOU understand WHY you’re doing it.
Why can’t people still respect the 100% raw food diet as something to be carried out for a given period of time; kinda like a fast? Why does it need to be so all-or-none.
And if the author is just saying that the “craze” is over, then that’s probably a good thing. Let the craziness end and the education begin


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